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The outer shape determines the appearance of the ring and, in combination with the width, can offer a delicate and subtle effect or a strong and bold impact. The inner shape, width, and height also determine the style and fit on the finger, affecting comfort in daily use.

The ring should be comfortable enough that you hardly notice you're wearing it, but not loose enough to slide off the knuckle.

Taking a little time to know your size is important and pays off. All rings are made specifically for each customer, and most of the models we show you are made in 30 different sizes, with very little difference from one to another. Getting the right size is fundamental.

Ask us for a FREE Multisizer ring sizer, a kind of small plastic belt that is currently the fastest and most accurate tool to know your finger size.

We leave you some recommendations to better choose your size:

  • As a general aesthetic rule, you should choose a wider ring if you have large hands and long fingers, while the opposite applies if you tend to have smaller hands and shorter fingers.
  • The sizes of fingers on one hand do not usually match those on the other hand and vary depending on ambient temperature, time of year, time of day, etc.
  • The size should be taken at the widest part of the finger, whether it's the knuckle or the innermost part of the finger.
  • For very wide rings with a flat interior, it is often necessary to choose a size larger than usual. The most common sizes for women are between 10 and 13, and for men, between 20 and 23.
  • Don't be confused! The diameter of a ring is not its size, although knowing the exact diameter can help determine it. The European size corresponds to the interior perimeter of the ring, and the Spanish size is the European size minus 40 units.
  • New rings with a curved interior are so comfortable that they give the feeling of not being worn. With this type of ring, in wide rings, a smaller size can be chosen than for an identical ring with a flat interior.

normal or comfortable ring

After sale size modifications:

  • Gold, platinum, palladium or silver rings can always be resized.
  • Steel, titanium, carbon, tantalum or zirconium rings cannot be resized. Only in some models, and in some cases, the manufacturer offers to make another ring for a reduced price.

If you don't know your size:

  • Indicate when you place your order that we will send you the sizer for free and we will wait for your response to start processing your order.
  • If you haven't decided on the ring model you like, you can also buy the Multisizer ring sizer. The €5 it costs will be refunded if you place an order over €50, so it will end up being free for you.
  • You can check your size at any nearby jewelry store if you try on the current standard of ring sizers and sizer, called "TATUM".
  • As a LAST resort, if you have a ring of the correct size, you can METICULOUSLY compare its interior size with the measurement sheet that we offer. Download and print it, making sure that the "page scaling" option on your printer is set to "none". The measurement with this method must be extremely precise and if it is not, the measured size will be incorrect. We do not recommend this method, as we often detect errors.

tatum ring sizermultisizer ring sizer


  • Using the multisizer is very simple, you just need to insert the tip into the buckle creating a ring and adjust it to the widest part of your finger, so that it is comfortable and ensuring that you can take your finger out and put it back in without the indicated size varying. The size is shown on the display and corresponds to the European size. Subtract 40 units to get the Spanish size. That is, if it shows 55, the Spanish size is 15. Quick, simple, convenient, and it's free, what more could you ask for?

size equivalence table

different types of hand sizes

On both our website and physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement rings and wedding rings- we show you a wide range of models made with gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, etc.

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