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The purchase of a piece of jewelry is usually a thoughtful process and is not usually purchased like a fast-moving consumer product. That's why, before buying, ask us anything you want, we are just on the other side of the screen.

Once you have seen the model you want, the easiest way to place your order is through the same website, although you can also do it by email, WhatsApp, or through the form.

Upon receiving your order, we will likely contact you via WhatsApp to confirm that everything is correct and then, before sending it, to let you know that your order is about to be shipped.

When should wedding rings be purchased?

  • Once you know the date, it should be one of the first things to be taken care of, and always before other services and less important items. As a wedding without rings is not common, there is no point in postponing their purchase. The reason is that your rings will accompany you for many years and will be, along with memories, the only thing that lasts from the wedding day.
  • Placing the order in advance, a few months before the wedding, and without haste, will result in a better choice and will allow you to have the desired model, even if it has a longer delivery time.
  • Sometimes we may have the pair of rings you want in stock, but it is more common to order them from the factory to have them made and engraved, especially for you.
  • The minimum time to make and send your rings is between 3 and 4 weeks, although it should be noted that the months of July, August, "bridges," local or national holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc., are special dates when delivery times may be longer. That being said, buying at the last minute to the point of having to wait until there are no unexpected events to receive the rings the day before the wedding is not a good idea, under any circumstances.

Are the prices of the items including VAT?

  • All prices offered are valid and have VAT included, except for typographical errors. If you live in an area where VAT does not apply, your final price will likely be lower.
  • We strive to ensure that all prices are correct. In the event of an error in the displayed price of any of the items exhibited, we undertake to inform the buyer of the correct selling price as soon as possible and to offer the possibility of continuing with the order or canceling it. If it is not possible to contact the buyer, the order will not be processed and the amount paid will be refunded. Therefore, we are not obliged to supply any item at an incorrect price, although the order may have been initially confirmed. The prices of the items published on the website, in relation to changes in the price of the raw materials that make them up, are subject to variation, but, except as previously established, any possible changes will not affect the orders received and confirmed.

When does the delivery period of an order start?

  • Once the order has been placed, consent is understood to have been given for the validity and effectiveness of the contract, however, orders will not be binding until it has been verified that payment has been made.
  • If you have not made the payment immediately after placing the order, you will receive a copy of the same by email and you will have to make the payment using any of the options available to us, during the 7 days following the purchase. After this time, without you having communicated the reason for the delay, the order will be cancelled.
  • The maximum amount accepted per purchase is €9,000.
  • Daily order closing is done on business days at 7:00 p.m. Orders received and/or charged after this time will be processed the following business day.
  • Once the order has been received, we will issue and send an invoice (understood as a pro forma or provisional invoice) by email to the indicated address. The valid and definitive invoice will accompany the purchased item when it is shipped. In the case that the chosen payment method has been "cash on delivery" and the purchased item has to be personalized (engraved, made to a specific size, or both), once the order has been placed, you will have to make a deposit or bank transfer for an amount equal to or greater than 50% of the total. The remaining amount will be paid upon receipt of the package. The maximum order amount for this payment system will be €999.

Can I change the place or date of delivery?

  • Due to the infinite possible variations (sizes, widths, colors, materials...) of the rings we offer, even though we have a significant stock of models, it is impossible for us to have them all. For this reason, we indicate a delivery period in the description of each item. If you need it for a date earlier than expected, please contact Customer Service to see if we have it in stock or if we can request that it be manufactured and sent to us urgently.
  • The place of delivery is the one indicated by the customer in the purchase form. If you need to change the delivery location after placing the order, please contact Customer Service to make the change if it has not yet been sent.

Can I modify or cancel an order?

  • To modify or cancel an order, you just need to inform Customer Service, providing us with the order number you want to cancel. If you have already paid by bank transfer, you will have to provide us with your bank details (account number) in order to refund your money. This management will only be possible in writing for greater security.
  • If the order was for a personalized piece, it can only be canceled if manufacturing has not yet begun. In any case, please contact Customer Service to find a solution.

Can I buy an item that is not in the "online store" or order a special item?

  • There are items that are not normally available, but we can incorporate them upon request. Please contact Customer Service.

minimum price guarantee

Offers and advantages

  • We will be publishing our offers and promotions on our social networks. Some offers will last only a few hours, one day, or during a week. Follow us!
  • This month we offer free shipping if the order exceeds €100, plus VAT, and an additional 5% discount on the purchase of any item. When making your purchase, when the system asks you, you must enter the code NUPCIALIX5
  • Discounts for you and your friends: When you make a purchase, you will receive a discount coupon for your next purchase or to give to the friend you choose.
  • Do you have a large group of fans and want to be a prescriber of our products? We offer a formula whereby you will earn a commission on your recommendations, and they will buy with a discount. Contact Customer Service for more information.
  • Minimum price guarantee. We are so confident in offering you the best price that if you find the same item, during the same week that you purchased it, at a lower final purchase price, we will refund you the difference once it is verified. We win if you win, take advantage of offers, discounts, and benefits on your purchases!
  • When it's been a year since your purchase, send us your rings, and we'll restore and review them (polish, mattify, and preventive control of the state of the stone setting) at half their usual price.

Legislation on purchases

  • For the purposes provided for in Article 4 of Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the buyer declares that he/she is the real owner of the transaction and is informed that his/her data may be transferred to those public administrations that have the right of access in accordance with the regulations.
  • If the purchase amount is over 1,000 €, the buyer must provide us with their valid ID number or passport. We reserve the right not to process the order until we have this information, as well as the right to refund the amount paid and cancel the order if we detect irregularities or have indications or suspicions of possible criminal activity.

Both on our website and in our physical store - dedicated exclusively to engagement rings and wedding bands - we offer a wide range of models made from gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, etc.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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