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engraved wedding ringsWhat are their differences?

They differ in the type or style of the rings, their price, and above all, in the emotional aspect.

Today, more and more couples, whether married or not, choose to wear rings that show some kind of commitment, and with beautiful couple rings available for less than 100€, there is no excuse not to.

Couple rings

They are often used as a sign that you have a partner, that you are "in a relationship," although they can imply that you are already engaged. They express this mutual love and are usually affordable, made of steel, titanium, or silver, and can be engraved with dates, names, or any message.

engraved pair of rings

Promise rings

They symbolize love and commitment and are popular among couples who do not have a need to get married or have not yet decided when to do so, serving as a sufficient symbol that they are in a serious and committed relationship.

Sometimes promise rings are exchanged between friends, symbolizing an unbreakable friendship, or they can represent love between members of the same family. In essence, they represent a promise of any kind, a commitment to achieving a goal, or breaking a bad habit.

Between a promise ring and an engagement ring, there may be differences in the type of ring and price, but the main difference is emotional. They can be made of any material and are often engraved with dates, names, or any message.

infinite promise ring

Engagement rings

It is the classic symbol of a marriage proposal, announcing to the world that the wedding is imminent.

There are engagement rings for both women and men, and they are generally different for each member of the couple. They are worn on the ring finger.

Many women prefer their engagement ring to feature a diamond, as it symbolizes something forever due to its hardness and durability.

It will be the piece of jewelry that your partner will cherish throughout their life for the sentimental value it represents. When buying it, make sure it matches their taste and personality. In terms of budget, it is generally higher than that of a promise ring, usually around one month's salary.

engagement wedding rings

Wedding rings

These are the rings used during the ceremony, symbolizing love, unity, and lifelong commitment.

Some couples prefer their wedding bands to have lines or textures, while others prefer them to be plain. Most women want their wedding ring to feature a diamond, while it is less common, but increasingly popular, for men to have a diamond in theirs, sometimes in black or set on the inner side.

gold wedding rings

Whether you are a couple of friends or more than just friends and want to symbolize your love or friendship, you will find many ring models in our extensive catalog, both with a more masculine or feminine style. You can buy a single ring or the pair as shown, purchase two different rings to create a custom pair, or buy two units of the same model.

rings for friends

Both on our website and in our physical store -exclusively dedicated to engagement rings and wedding rings -we showcase a wide assortment of models made of gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, etc. You will find models for all occasions.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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