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The sustainability of jewelry and "Green Weddings" is in vogue. What's behind it?

A beach wedding with a multitude of guests, an exotic banquet, a trip to the other side of the world to have a dream wedding, or prioritizing sustainability? The "green wedding" is a trend.

Therefore, just as you can choose to take a short trip, serve guests seasonal dishes with local products, or have recyclable decorations in the wedding venue, you can also choose to wear wedding rings that are "Fairtrade" or sustainably produced.

Sustainability is also very important to us. For the production of the rings we offer, we choose suppliers who use precious metals obtained through recycling processes or from conflict-free and certified areas. Similarly, the custom-made jewelry we create in our workshop is made sustainably using sustainable materials.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the water used and the waste are collected and treated in the laboratory to capture and recover all gold particles. Later, these particles are melted again and reused as materials.

sustainable gold and diamonds

As for the diamonds we use, it is very important to us to have accurate information about their origin.

  • We are well aware that in underdeveloped regions with conflict zones, diamond mining, due to its high value, occurs under catastrophic circumstances and with labor conditions that endanger the lives of people working there. Diamonds extracted in this way are often used to finance civil wars. Unfortunately, the same is done with other minerals, woods, and even food.
  • Since the traceability of resources, particularly diamonds, ensures an ecologically and socially sustainable supply chain, it is very important for us to ensure that the diamonds in our rings have a precise origin, a Kimberley certificate, and are considered "conflict-free" as they are obtained from certified suppliers subject to the strictest regulations and tests, where human rights and environmental protection are highly valued.

Both on our website and in our physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement jewelry and wedding bands- we showcase a wide range of models crafted from gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, and more.

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